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Life can get really confusing and hard to deal with sometimes. There are times when everybody feels down and dirty. It’s not only about you. There are 7 billion people in the world who share pretty much the same life with different stories. Whenever you feel down and alone, think that there are other people in this world who feel the same and share the same emotions as you. And also, whenever you feel too insignificant and unworthy of living, know that I’m there right next to you to help you get through your emotional crisis

Who am I?

I prefer calling myself 2FacedLove. I highly value honesty in a human. Like every other human on the planet, I have two sides of everything including physical and emotional aspects. Every human is 2Faced but hesitates to admit it. There is a good face that he/she shows to the world and then there is a bad face that he/she hides from everybody. I’m an artist. I see the world in multiple angles.

was born as Daniel Thiede in Aurora , Colorado on 28th September 1994. My story of becoming an artist is not a quite happy story. There is both happiness and sadness in it. I have come across endless losses and also gains. One reason as to why I’ve chosen the name 2FacedLove for me is that I tend to see the 2 sides of everything in the world. It’s not like suffering from bipolar disorder in which our emotions and actions are at two extremes in spite of our constant effort to live without changing. I even have a very loving side and a very hating side in me. Sometimes I feel very happy and the next moment I get very angry. There are two sides to every story in the world. Both stories should be heard prior to making judgments, but sometimes the world chooses only one story to be heard based on looks or popularity.

believe in love. No matter how much anger or hatred I put into every song, no matter how much I’ve been hurt or treated wrong, I always have faith in love, the love in myself for myself and for the world. Harder my life gets, no matter how much I have to go through, I will always have an even stronger love in my heart.

You are not alone. This call is for you who feel lost and trampled by the feeling of being a traumatic victim. Take my hand and I will help you get through your hard times. No matter how hard things get, everything will get better in the end. Believe in love. Believe in hope.

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Zach Deviser

Love is evol by 2facedlove is amazing! I loved the wordplay and song structure. 2FacedLove is a really creative artist! Worth every penny!

Daniel Clay

Ive been keeping up with 2FacedLove for almost a year and his work always impresses me! Ive been with him from the beginning and seeing his progress is an inspiration! I hope you make it 2FacedLove

Andrew Johnson

I love 2FacedLove and I love him even more in person! He is such a down to earth person and loves having a good time! I keep up with all his work just for the fact of how cool this dude is! Keep it up 2FacedLove!

Marissa Thomas

Buy 2FacedLove its only $4.99 I promise you its worth it! 2015 has alot of lame overplayed artists that get really annoying, but 2FacedLove has his own style and stands above the rest!

Love is Evol - 2FacedLove

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2FacedLove's First Show

2FacedLove Perform cry, Moven On, And
Broken Voice
@The Rap Contest (Tiki Bar) (Costa Mesa)